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Holland Columbarium

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Rainbow Ridge Pet Columbarium 



120-Niche Pet Columbarium


Our most popular unit, this octagonal pet columbarium has fifteen niches of three sizes (920 ci - 3600 ci)

on each side.


v   ESTATE niches are designed for families who have an on-going need for the placement of pet cremains.  Sold to one family and inscribed according to their wishes, an estate niche will accomodate up to 150 pets and serve a family's needs for generations.


v   COMMUNITY niches are available to the general public for individual placements.  These niches allow for dignified placement without the client incurring costs for an entire niche or for individual memorial engraving.


v   FRIENDSHIP niches are especially appealing to organizations and groups who often choose to make space available for the pets of their members and friends through fundraising activities.






Our niche divider insert easily converts a standard niche into eight individual compartments (over 100 cubic inches each) for pet cremains. 


Niche Divider Insert for Pet Columbarium  




The  Rainbow  Ridge  Pet Columbarium enables individuals to traverse the valley of a pet's death with dignity, confidence and assurance by providing quality columbarium products at a very affordable price. Units range in size from 32 niches to 120 niches with custom sizes and configurations available.